"We are now able to access any document forwarded via fax directly from any desktop computer and all of our mail is now scanned and retrievable from our personal computers."
- William Ilecki, Partner, Chiari & Ilecki, LLP


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  • FileHold document management software is: easy to install, easy to use, feature rich, affordable for small or large organizations and can operate within the Microsoft Office or SharePoint environment you already have in your office.

    DocuSyst has partnered with FileHold to bring their document management solutions to a wide variety of organizations. Ranging from hosted environments that are subscription based to complicated installations with integration and disaster recovery procedures, DocuSyst is fully certified to implement FileHold software for any type of need.

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  • ABBYY is a leading provider of document conversion, data capture and linguistic software. The key areas of ABBYY's research and development include document recognition technologies and applied linguistics. ABBYY products have received almost 200 awards in the global technology community.

    DocuSyst has partnered with ABBYY to bring recognition solutions to organizations all over the country. Whether your office needs to OCR large numbers of documents to make text-searchable PDF's, convert PDF's or paper reports to spreadsheets, or recognize handwriting on forms, DocuSyst is a Value-Added Reseller of the entire ABBYY suite of products.

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  • Copeland Data Systems, Inc. has been developing professional business systems since 1979 for small- to mid-sized businesses. They deliver customized business application software that run on a variety of hardware and operating system configurations. Your complete business system is developed, customized, tested, installed, and supported by their full-service consulting staff.

    Copeland Data Systems has teamed up with DocuSyst to integrate document solutions with their custom applications. Added functionality to their systems include quick document adding and searching, automated scanning using barcodes and OCR, and the use of secure web portals to access information and documents.

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  • CVISION Technologies, Inc. is one of the world leader in image compression, OCR, image recognition, and PDF workflow solutions. CVISION enables companies to efficiently manage their documents. Their software converts documents into compressed, web-optimized, and text-searchable PDF files. CVISION solutions are used by many Fortune 500 companies, and by over 1000 corporate clients.

    DocuSyst works with CVision for rapid compression of image files and lossless OCR solutions. With organizations sending documents more than ever, efficient and usable PDF's are critical for document sending and distribution.

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  • Established in 2008, InfoPreserve™ enables business, government and not-for-profits to preserve critical digital information with proprietary, patented Preservation Vault™ technology. This SaaS (Software as a Service) solution provides true preservation of over 140 document & file formats to ensure that your information is readable for decades to come.

    Their patented software creates a Preservation Object™ which ensures an immutable digital document that maintains its full functionality for decades. Content and metadata are fully indexed for rapid search while content authentication and full audit trails are recorded. [US Patent 7,171,433 "Document Preservation"].

    DocuSyst is a Value-Added Reseller of Preservation Vault™ and works with InfoPreserve™ to provide a true archival solution to organizations of any size. With the ever changing industry requirements for retention, it is critical that your business has a records management plan that can protect your company's information.

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