"Workers' compensation files are cumbersome by nature. We had to address this as well as lack of storage space. DocuSyst has made our workflow more productive and after an initial adjustment, all examiners are extremely happy with the solution."
- Kathleen Hamilton, Marketing/Operations Manager, FCS Administrators


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    • Create a central location to keep all documents that pertain to a case. Whether your firm is a single office, has multiple locations or has many locations with remote employees, all of the documents pertaining to a case are kept in one place.
    • Set up the ability for your firm to quickly save faxes, Microsoft Office documents, mail and email correspondences to a case folder with a combination of scanning devices and software.
    • Add search capabilities to your firm to quickly pull up all documents pertaining to a case without the need to pull a physical file. A text search can also be done to find the document needed based on the content of the document.
    • Archive and preserve your firm's documents for a secure way to access old records through a searchable web interface.
    • Scan your firm's day-to-day and archive documents.
    • Setup accessible and secure means to share your firm's documents with third-parties to minimize time spent on creating copies and cost of postage.
    • Setup digital workflows so that a document can automatically be routed throughout an office to necessary personnel for approval.
    • Reduce data entry with recognition solutions that can read typed and handwritten information from tax forms and push the information to a database.
    • Scan and index your physical records.
    • Archive and preserve your records in a secure way to access old documents through a searchable web interface.
    • Create a central location for storing all of your municipalities documents.
    • Convert your film images to digital.
    • Capture information from structured and unstructured medical forms, EOB's and other data entry documents and push the information to a database.
    • Scan and index your records, x-rays and other large-scale or delicate documents.
    • Assist in archiving your patient records in a secure and searchable document archive that is searchable and accessible through a web interface.
    • Create a central repository for applications, loans, mortgages, leases, signature cards and other critical documents.
    • Set up the necessary means to keep multiple versions of documents and to track their progress through the approval process.
    • Set up the ability to provide your customers a portal to securely access documents from a web interface to save time with transferring documents to third parties.
    • Create a fully searchable and secure preservation archive for old documents that can be accessed from a web interface.
    • Scan and index your documents to electronic formats.
    • Create a central repository for all communications, bills, medical documents, state/federal forms and other critical documents.
    • Setup the ability to quickly share documents with third-parties, either through web portals or disk media, minimizing time spent copying and postage costs.
    • Scan and index current archive documents.
    • Create a secure central location to store all communications, government forms, records and confidential information.
    • Implement audit trails to track all actions to a document for protection.
    • Scan and index your documents.