"Workers' compensation files are cumbersome by nature. We had to address this as well as lack of storage space. DocuSyst has made our workflow more productive and after an initial adjustment, all examiners are extremely happy with the solution."
- Kathleen Hamilton, Marketing/Operations Manager, FCS Administrators

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Violation Management Services Improves Violation Collection Processing with Data Capture Solution from DocuSyst

June 2, 2010 - VMS improves speed and accuracy of data entry with ABBYY Flexicapture solution integrated with their custom ticket management system.

"We have a unique business, and DocuSyst gave us tools to expand and become more efficient within our established business model."  - Dennis Round, President of Violation Management Services

Download as PDFViolation Management Services is an initial billing and processing company that works together with their clients and related parties to resolve all outstanding parking tickets, traffic violations and tolls in an expeditious and fair manner. Their competent oversight protects the interests of all parties and often limits the final cost to the violator by limiting additional penalties, interest and administrative charges from the issuing authority.

In recent years the success and subsequent expansion of VMS has made it necessary to explore new ways to expedite their business processes and to increase the value of their customer service. To accomplish this, VMS turned to DocuSyst to design and deploy a system with the following requirements:

  • Quickly and accurately capture violation dates, times, and amounts from paper invoices
  • Identify and recognize unstructured and semi-structured forms
  • Tightly integrate with their custom violation processing system
  • Violation images need to be captured and available for viewing on their website for rapid customer inquiries
  • Thorough training and support

Together with VMS and their system architect Stephen Fischer of Castle Consulting LLC, DocuSyst was able to implement ABBYY’s newest capture product, FlexiCapture 8.0, to streamline the violation capture process.

All violations are now sorted and scanned into FlexiCapture where the violation form is identified and the information is accurately captured and, if needed, quickly verified by the user.

Validation rules are used to verify that the recognized dollar amounts are accurate by checking the values against line, column and invoice totals. Once verified, the user exports the extracted violation information along with the image of the invoice into VMS’s violation processing system with a simple click of a button.

When asked about the transition from traditional data entry, Dennis Round, President of Violation Management Services said, "Setup was easy. DocuSyst’s staff was very accommodating and available when needed. Now tickets can be viewed online and we can quickly, easily and accurately get the information into our system for processing."

Implementation of this solution has allowed VMS to increase its workload without the need to grow their staff or change the way they do business. The amount of time needed to process a violation and the number of data entry errors has been drastically reduced.

About Violation Management Services

Violation Management Services (VMS) was founded in 1991. Its intellectual property and state-of-the-art processing systems allow them to provide the most comprehensive solution available. For more information, please visit www.ViolationManagement.com.

About DocuSyst

DocuSyst, is an information technology company, founded in 2005. Its main business areas are: document capture services, storage and management of electronic documents, internal and hosted (SaaS) document management solutions and document compression solutions. For more information, please visit www.DocuSyst.com.


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