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- Larry Oliver, President of FileHold Systems Inc.

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NCAComp Improves Workerís Compensation Management with Document Management Solution from DocuSyst

April 30, 2008 - DocuSyst integrates Infonic Document Manager with NCACompís claim management application to provide more efficient handling of workerís compensation claims.

NCAComp, Inc. provides upstate New York employers with group and individual self-insurance programs that help control the cost of workers’ compensation insurance, promote workplace safety, and prevent fraud.

As their business began to expand, they began looking for a way to make their claims administration more efficient to provide quicker responses and better service to their clients and vendors.

NCAComp engaged DocuSyst to address the following needs:

  • To have a central repository for all documents to be stored electronically that would be accessed from their claims administration software. They no longer wanted their examiners to have to physically pull files from a filing cabinet that may be located at different ends of their building. The solution would need to integrate with their claims administration software currently in place on their network.
  • To be able to send documents to their vendors on a searchable CDROM instead of making copies of a claim file throughout the management process.
  • To grow their customer base without expanding floor space for boxes and filing cabinets.
  • Reduce the costs of transferring and absorbing new client claim files.

DocuSyst implemented Infonic’s Document Manager Software to store, manage, and access their documents. The solution is tightly woven with their claims management system and NCAComp is gradually converting one client at a time to electronic storage.

All documents are now scanned and easily imported into electronic storage through their claim system. Each user scans a document at their desktop, locates the claim the document corresponds with, and then clicks a button to save the document in the appropriate file. The entire process of adding a fully indexed document to a claim file takes 10-15 seconds.

Any time a user needs to pull a claim file, they simply find the claim in their business system, hit a button, and every document for that particular claim appears on their computer screen. They can open, email, or print any document without getting out of their seat.

Time and materials needed to send documents to outside parties have also been reduced with the new system. Users can locate a claim in the system and quickly export the documents to a CDROM. The disk contains a small program that allows a third party to search and view the documents as a PDF.

With the new system in place, bringing on new clients no longer adds filing cabinets, boxes of paper, and transportation headaches. Documents are now imported into their document management system in batches and without the need to transport hundreds of thousands of documents to their office.

New clients that were previously managed by another electronic agency are easily migrated to their new document management system. Previous to their new system, NCAComp would print out all the documents, sort them, and file them into filing cabinets in their office. Now, NCAComp receives media with all of the documents and runs a process to import the files to their repository.

Implementation of this solution has allowed NCAComp to manage their existing clients more efficiently and reduce costs when sending documents outside their office. It has also allowed the company to bring on new clients without taking on large quantities of physical documents and filing resources.

NCAComp still has clients that have paper documents, but they are gradually moving their office practices and mentality towards electronic document storage.


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