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- Kirstin Collins, Billing and Reception Manager, Olympic Physical Therapy

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Bulan, Chiari, Horwitz & Ilecki, LLP

June 2, 2010 - Bulan, Chiari, Horwitz & Ilecki improve custom case management system with Document Management integration

Bulan, Chiari, Horwitz & Ilecki, LLP is a firm in Williamsville that was looking for a way to link their documents to their custom developed case file management system. With documents located throughout the office, there was a need to implement a system to quickly retrieve document information and have the ability to send that information upon request.

Using a copier with Scan/Fax capabilities, they are now reducing the amount of paper documents in their office by converting them to electronic format. All incoming faxes are sent to a receptionist via email and then forwarded to the intended recipient. If the recipient would like to keep the fax, the electronic email is saved and converted to PDF automatically. Incoming mail documents are also scanned and converted to PDF for electronic storage.

Once the document is in electronic format, their business application creates a link between the case file and the PDF for quick retrieval. A user can view/search all documents that pertain to the case from their desktop with no need to leave their desk and can instantly send the information via email or fax with a click of a mouse.

“We are now able to access any document forwarded via facsimile directly from any desktop computer”, adds William Ilecki, “Additionally, our mail is now scanned, and also retrievable from our personal computers.”

BCHI was also concerned about the possibility of documents loosing quality or accidentally getting miss-filed, damaged, or destroyed. Now the information is being stored electronically and is backed up nightly to protect against damage or a disaster.

BCHI has reduced the amount of time needed to find information and have secured their document quality and availability with a low-cost and user friendly document management system.

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