"We are fortunate to have a partner like Docusyst who has taken our software and installed it on "bullet proof" IT infrastructure to provide small customers with a secure and trustworthy document repository"
- Larry Oliver, President of FileHold Systems Inc.

Document Management Software

Implementing a Document Management software package will help your office organize, find and share documents in a secure and managed environment. It will also keep track of multiple document versions, send out email reminders and notifications for review and more. Solutions can be installed on your company's server or hosted in a securely managed storage facility.


Below are key elements of document management software and their benefits:

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Document Recognition

Use document recognition software to reduce the amount of time needed for data entry by reading computer generated or handwritten forms. These types of solutions make capturing information from forms quick, accurate and can reduce the number of errors.

Scanning, Compression and OCR

Let DocuSyst help with your document scanning and indexing to save you time and resources. We can scan your documents to text searchable PDF's to make searching for information a snap. Already have PDF images that are not OCR'd? DocuSyst can OCR millions of pages and can compress them to reduce file sizes.

Data Preservation

Data Preservation ensures that your documents can be accessed 5, 10 or even 20+ years down the road. Instead of sending boxes of documents to physical storage, preserve your documents electronically and gain the ability to search, view and manage your archive from a PC.